Junior Year

My third year of High School is coming to a close. This school year has been a year of growing up for me. Right at the beginning of the school year my grandfather died, who I was very close to. It sent me into a phase that it was very hard to get out of. I gave up on my school work, I just didn’t care about most things, and I was cranky and mean to most people. I had a right to be in mourning but it got to a point where I became selfish. All I could think about was how bad it was for me.

When 2015 started I started to finally escape from this lull of life. When second semester started I dropped spanish and one of my favorite teachers got a student teacher. The change from taking spanish to not was nice and I was able to chose that, but the change from teacher to student teacher I was not so excited for. The first few weeks were the adjustment period and after that I realized that it was a good change. If my teacher would have told us that she was a normal teacher and not a student I would have believed it. She  was the best student teacher I had ever had. And not just because she was the only one I have ever had. One of the things that I was most impressed about Miss Marley (the student teacher) was that she was relatable. In previous English classes it was harder for me to make it through the books that were assigned but the preparation lessons and the way it was taught I enjoyed them.

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I was recently in New York City on a school choir trip. The city was phenomenal and the things that I experienced I will never forget. One of the most impactful moments of the trip didn’t happen in the city, in the state, or in any state. It was on the way home when my plane flew over the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Continue reading

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Yellow Light

yellow-traffic-lightThis may sound like a big shock to some but the yellow light means to slow down because the light is about to change. Continue reading

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For my second period class I am a teachers aid. The teacher asked the class of sophomores if they ever ask their grand parents or another elderly person about their life. Continue reading

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An Evening With Mendelssohn


On January 30, 2015,  I attended the first Orange County Millennial Choirs and Orchestras concert called “An Evening With Mendelesohn”. Continue reading

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служба (look it up)

“There are a lot of things in life that matter. Nothing matters as much as who or what you decide to serve.”  Marcus Luttrell

We (as students) are constantly drilled by how much every single decision we make in high school will affect our future. We are told that we need to do this and you should do that. This has honestly terrified me. I have 1 1/2 years left until I leave on a religious mission for 2 years and then I am off to college and the rest of my life. It is really scary for me to think that but I couldn’t be more happy about it. Continue reading

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Brownie Points

There have been many times where I have heard or been told “Yeah Kaleb getting those brownie points.” The first time I heard that I didn’t really have an idea of what the person who told me that was talking about. When I ask someone what it meant I came to find out that it was when you do something nice for a girl or one of her friends you get “Brownie Points”. You supposedly can cash in these brownie points for brownies. Big shocker huh.

Continue reading

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